About Us

This organization was formed by various institutions such as religious organizations, sporting groups, radio station and announcers, to help those people who suffered greatloss during the floods of January 2009.

FIJI AID MELBOURNE, (FIJIAM), was previously known as Fiji Disaster Relief Committee Victoria. With feedback from the public and initial discussion within the committee as we moved forward with our vision and mission, it was concluded we needed a shorter and simpler name. So came the name, Fiji Aid Melbourne, F A M converted to FIJIAM.

We also hope that we can provide our supporters with as much information as we can with this website and also to get help in return for the mission we have set out to achieve. Together we can reach extreme heights. Nothing is impossible if we work together with our vision and mission.

We also want to thank everyone in Melbourne and in Fiji for their help and support from the day this organization was formed in January 2009.


We are an everyday compassionate & empathetic men and women of Melbourne,  dedicated to helping those in struggling times of basic humanitarian needs.


We serve unfortunate victims of disasters, whether it may be victims of a National catastrophe or an individual victim. Fiji Disaster relief diligently serves as many people as possible regardless of religion, race, ethnicity, or gender.


Most of us struggle to get through a day without certain luxuries, imagine if all your basic human needs like food, water and shelter were unavailable, let alone your luxuries. We are committed to helping people through the most difficult period of their lives and possibly be that beacon of light which provides them with courage to continue their lives.

Each and every life is as valuable as ours and we can only pray that God will empower someone to help us or our families if some unfortunate incident was to occur